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Product Image Riggy-Micro RM222

Riggy-Micro RM222


ships to US only


The Riggy-Micro RM222 is a feature rich low-noise preamp, which can enable you to reduce the audio "hiss" from your camera.  It has 2 XLR inputs and 48V/12V phantom power and is designed to interface to the mic inputs on cameras/recorders.  "Riggy-Micro" means that it is built tough, and refined to provide the best power efficiency, smallest size, and lightest weight.  It incorporates sweet features such as Audio Bracketing (for camera overload protection), Selective Power-Down (to extend battery life), and it has "Riggy" accessories to you can take advantage of the valuable real estate next to your camera for mounting accessories like mics and wireless receivers.


    • Low-noise preamplifier
    • 2XLR input, amplified mic level output (3.5mm stereo minijack)
    • Super small and light: approx 8oz, 3" x 3.5" x 1.5" in an aluminum enclosure
      • ​So small and light, there are numerous Riggy mounting options
        • ​Mounts to bottom of camera, and you can still access the battery compartment of the camera
          • ​Optional RB401 Riggy Accessory Bracket allows mounting of numerous other components, such as microphones, wireless receivers, etc.  It's Riggy !!!
        • Mounts to camera hot-shoe (with 1/4-20 adapter)
          • ​Optional RB200 Riggy Hot Shoe Mounting Kit mounts the Riggy-Micro to your camera hot shoe and allows mounting of 2 other components, such as microphones, wireless receivers, etc.  So, you get 2 cold shoe mounts back when mounting to the camera hot shoe.  It's Riggy !!!
    • Sips battery power
      • Switchable between Alkaline and LiPoly 9V battery use
      • Selective Power-Down mode to turn off portions of the preamp not being used
      • Battery Life Estimates
        • ​~16hr battery life (no phantom, all 2 XLR inputs active, Alkaline battery)
        • ~40hr battery life (no phantom, 1 XLR input active, Alkaline battery)
    • 48V phantom power, and power saving 12V phantom mode
    • Camera overload protection - Audio Output Bracketing
    • Approx 30dB max available gain
    • Approx +0dB / -1.5dB frequency response from 20Hz to 20KHz
    • MIC/LINE Switches for each XLR channel
    • HI/LO Gain Switches for each XLR channel
    • MONO/STEREO Switch
    • Designed and Assembled in USA


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