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Unique Solutions for Video Production

Product Image DAR-CMD-HHLR-433-MD Transmitter Compatible with DARlink RX01

DAR-CMD-HHLR-433-MD Transmitter Compatible with DARlink RX01


ships to US only


  • Industry standard wireless transmitter manufactured by Linx Technologies
  • Certified for US FCC Part 15, Industry Canada and European CE compliance
    • Not available for sale/delivery outside these regions
  • Compatible with DARlink RX01
    • DAR124RX01
  • DARlink functionality
    • A transmitter can initiate a signal to do the following:
      • Start/Stop a recording
      • Initiate a slate tone that gets recorded, and also sent to the output jack
    • A production flow using the slate helps align multiple recordings from multiple DARs, as well as the video from multiple cameras
      • Wireless range is not a factor in this production flow
      • See DARlink Multi-Recorder and Multi-Camera Production Flow section in the User Manual for more details
    • Range: Not important for DARlink production flow
    • Label to affix over standard buttons for REC, STOP, Slate-1, Slate-2, Slate-3, Slate-4, Slate-5, Slate-6

      User Manual, Downloads, and Additional Information