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Perceived Audio Quality and Bitrate

In an old blog post comparing the Zoom H6, Tascam DR-60D and juicedLink Riggy-Micro RM333, I reviewed the misconceptions of higher bit rate in an accompanying video.  Papers from the Audio Engineering Society showed that humans did not perceive enhanced quality from higher bit rates.  Also, for a microphone recording dialogue and a proper low-noise preamp, greater bit depth does not improve signal-to-noise, as the limiting factor will be the microphone self noise.

The Little DARling records WAV files at 16b/48KHz.  Permitting higher bitrates would have required changes to the system design which would have had a significant impact to battery life.  I choose not to offer higher bit rates, for no benefit other than marketing purposes, while degrading an important factor (battery life) for the Distributed Audio Recorder applications.

Please follow this link to the blog post, and jump to 14:50 in the video to see this overview.

You can follow this link directly to 14:50 in the video.