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Unique Solutions for Video Production

FAQ / Contact



  • USER MANUALS:  Each product page has a link to its user manual.
  • DISCOUNTS:  Sorry, we don't offer any special pricing or discounts
  • ORDERS:  Please place your order directly on the juicedLink website.  We are not set up to accept phone orders.
  • SHIPPING RATES AND DELIVERY TIME:  Please add your items to the cart, and the shipping module will provide you with shipping options and calculate the price.  The UPS/USPS websites can estimate the transit time from Silicon Valley to you.  For more details, please see the Shipping Policies above.
  • AUDIO INQUIRY QUESTIONS:  When you send us an email regarding audio, help us help you (with product selection / troubleshooting / mic selection / whatever) by including information on:
    • CAMERA:  Tell us what camera you are using
    • MICS:  Tell us what mics you are using
    • SHOOTING STYLE:  What is your shooting style (run-n-gun, sit down interviews, set scenes, etc)


email: jl_info@juicedLink.com

About juicedLink

Your response will come directly from me, the engineer who designed the juicedLink products. So, feel free to be as technical in your inquiry as necessary. I use a voice-processor when composing emails. So, I can provide very detailed responses if you provide me with enough information to work with (see FAQ above), reducing back-and-fourth correspondence as much as possible.  All of our customer support is handled via email ... thank you for understanding.

- Robert from juicedLink