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Unique Solutions for Video Production



juicedLink low-noise premps have distinguished themselves for their ability to reduce the "hiss" recorded by cameras/camcorders.  The Riggy-Micro family has 3 models to choose from:


The Riggy-Micro is typically used as a low-noise preamp front end for recording devices which already have headphones and meters visible while recording, such as:

  • DSLRs with headphones and meters visible while recording, such as the 5DMKIII, D800/D600, GH3, etc
  • DSLRs using 3rd party firmware which add headphone and metering features to cameras which do not have this from the stock firmware.  For example, MagicLantern provides meters and headphones (out the AVout) for many of the Canon DSLRs lacking those features (not available on all models, check with the MagicLantern people for your particular camera).
  • Camcorders with headphones and meters, such as the Canon Vixia line of camcorders
  • The mic input on audio recorders, such as the Zoom H4n

juicedLink has other families of preamps to choose from for other cameras/applications beyond what is listed above.  See the Preamp Selection Guide for more information.