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Unique Solutions for Video Production

Audio Recorders

The Little DARlink Family

A great alternative to using wireless lav mic transmitter/receivers, the Little DARling Distributed Audio Recorder overcomes limitations in wireless range and dropouts.  Additionally, the DAR system enables the use many more lavs simultaneously, because you will not need to figure out how to mount multiple receivers (3, 6, 8, or even more!) to your camera rig.  This opens up new creative possibilities for events. Sprinkle the DARs around ...  one for each member of the wedding party ... and beyond.  The DARlink wireless system initiates a slate tone in the recording and output connector, to help align multiple DAR audio recordings as well as the video from multiple cameras.

Model Differences

  • DAR123
    • Base Model Little DARling
  • DAR124RX01 with DARlink
    • Adds DARlink Wireless Receiver
    • Remote control for Start, Stop, and Slate
    • Slate 
      • Single remote control simultaneously injects a slate tone into the recorded audio
      • Slate signal also sent out connector, which can be recorded by video camera
      • Enables Multi-Camera, Multi-Recorder production flow that does not depend on wireless range
    • Quantity Discounts Available