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14 Sep 2016

Little DARling Firmware / User Manual Updates

Posted by Robert Rozak

Little DARling Firmware and User Manual Updates

The Little DARling Downloads page contains updates. Updating the firmware is as simple as using the new bootimg.bin file on your microSD card. The firmware changes have to do with commands used in the config file:

  • The DSP could get confused by commands that started with numbers. So, two of the command names were changed to SAFETY_10MIN and STITCH_10MIN.
  • The RX_BUZZ logic was interfering with some of the other config file commands. I haven't heard that RX_BUZZ was being used by anybody, so the command was eliminated.

Recessed Power Button Tool

The User Manual and video have been updated to provide specific guidance on what tool to use for the recessed power button. As opposed to a slide-switch 'hold' function (which can still get changed when in the pocket of your talent), I really like the recessed button so you know that none of your settings can change or the recording accidentally stopped when the DARling is with your talent. But, the recessed button requires a tool to engage. I have updated the User Manual to specifically call out using the tip of your 3.5mm headphones or the microphone as the tool. First, you can never lose them (as you have to plug a mic into the unit anyhow). Next, we had a customer that used an ink pen, and the ink gunk-ed up the switch and he had to use other tools and more and more force to engage the switch, until the switch finally failed. So, use the tip of your 3.5mm plug.