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13 Jan 2016

Release of Little DARling Distributed Audio Recorder

Posted by Robert Rozak

Little DARlings Released!

A great alternative to using wireless lav mic transmitter/receivers, the Little DARling Distributed Audio Recorder overcomes limitations in wireless range and dropouts.  This opens up new creative possibilities for events. Sprinkle the DARs around ...  one for each member of the wedding party ... and beyond.  Features for filmmakers include:
  • Audio Bracketing (aka Dual-Mono) 2-track recording of a single lav mic
  • Super-long battery life
  • Locking audio connectors
  • Locking battery / card compartment
  • Aluminum enclosure: durable ... no plastic ...
  • Recessed button - talent can't accidentally stop recording or alter settings
  • Wireless control / slate (DARlink enabled units)
  • And MORE ...

Volume Discounts

Discounts are available for purchase of multiple DAR124RX01 units:

  • 5% for 2 units
  • 10% for 3 units
  • 15% for 4 units
  • 20% for 6 units
  • 25% for 8+ units

Multi-Camera, Multi-DAR Flow with DARlink

DARlink wireless control / slate provides a production flow to help align the audio from multiple DARs and multiple cameras.  The DARlink handheld transmitter will simultaneously inject a slate tone on each of the DAR124RX01 audio recordings (to align the DARs) and also out the output connector (to send to the camera audio to align each video clip to the DARs).  The production flow is such where wireless range of the DARlink is not important.
Click on the DAR124RX01 link to learn more ...

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